Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mary-Anne Paterson - The Story

Possibly one of my more typically bizarre 60's yarns...

My younger brother Mike used to go on & on about an album I'd recorded with Mary-Anne Paterson in the 60's - he even remembered some of the lyrics to one of the songs, "Wandering So Far" - I honestly had no memory whatsoever about this, & was convinced he was just winding me up in his usual kid-brother-fashion.

Then a couple of years back,  one of the first albums I ever played on (to the best of my knowledge!), Gerry Fitz-Gerald's "Mouseproof", was released on cd for the first time by Sunbeam Records. I went to their website to check it out, & what did I find....a Mary-Anne Paterson album called "Me"!

As you can see from the reviews in my previous post, the backing musicians are listed as "unknown buskers". Well...the 3 mystery buskers were in fact myself on flute, John Doherty on percussion, & Alan Moller on guitar - the proof of the pudding is that the song my li'l bro remembered was actually written by Alan - his name is mentioned as composer. 

I contacted Sunbeam & told them about this - recently they released a vinyl version of the album, & very nicely added all our names on the sleeve.....big thanks for that  one!

So......"if you remember the 60's you weren't there".....tell me about it!

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