Friday, January 05, 2007

Sonrise @ St. Mary?

Click on the images to enlarge. Article from Hastings & St. Leonards Observer, Friday Dec 29, 2006.

Well here we are Ladies & Gentlemen & welcome to The Show. Plans by the Council to lease St. Mary-in-the-Castle to the Sonrise Church should bring a welcome breath of fresh air into a decidedly God-less Arts Centre. This American based church operate strictly within the ethos, guidelines, language, framework, of all globally successful American businesses. Their business just happens to be selling Christianity. Creationist Christianity to be polite: Evangelical Right Wing Neo Conservative Christianity to be honest. The poster above comes from their local Hastings & Maidstone website & (literally) gives a very clear picture of their general operational style. The website is full of endless Biblical references, all applied to "modern day living" & the problems arising from it - depression, stress, family breakdowns, poverty, young people, etc. The website index has categories such as the "Pastor's Page", (where the above poster is), "FAQ's on GOD" (sic), "God's Girls", "Polls" (Has Christmas lost it's true meaning?") & other such fascinating promotional material, so to speak.
And for a real treat, go to their main website for the full-blown epic Western version. (Money Talks). I'm sure their presence at St Mary will be yet another fine addition to the ongoing, all-embracing, regeneration of Hastings & St. Leonards currently taking place, even as we speak. I'll be getting our local newspaper later today - more news for sure!

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  1. Anonymous9:14 AM

    please take a look at The Tithing debate-Paul De Jong rebutted by Dr.Russell Kelly .You will find this on the internet
    Paul de Jong is a leader of Christian outreach and hero of the Khans.They have attended rallies with him and praised him on their website. It waffles on for ages but De jong is Quoted as telling his supporters that however poor and suffering they are the tithes must be their firt priority.

    They are attacking this community and are less than honest in declairing what they stand for .We are only sending you this information as Khan has made an attack on you in his blog.