Monday, August 21, 2006

And You Thought I Was An Alien?

Well it's Daughter Number Two's 26th birthday tomorrow (22nd August), and she seems to be carrying on one of the family traditions of extreme weirdness and other-worldly-strangeness! Check out for more info and crazy photos from her merry troupe of performance artists / pranksters, apparently creating mayhem and chaos in the Netherlands and elsewhere - all sounds very familiar!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Photo-Shop Alien Cover Up

Well I don't normally blow my trumpet too loudly, but.....joking about Condoleezza's Photo-Shopped legs in my last post was in fact right on the button - never believe anything you read / see in a newspaper - only days later & what to we get - proof of doctored photos from the Middle East, & who was 1st on the case? The Blog Community - nice one. Difficult to take sides in such a war of dirty tricks from all sides.....but the Yanks have got the motivation, power, money, & resources to continue their lust for total control of the planet, & it's impossible not to sympathise with the Arab world's reaction to years of subjugation by the Western Bloc & their allies. All this ranting on about Nuclear/Biological Weapons in Iran, Korea, Pakistan.....where do you ever see any mention of exactly how many nuclear & biological weapons the USA or UK have stockpiled? Let alone Israel, the main recipients of American aid in the Middle East. Of course the information is all there, you just have to search a lot longer to find it, while we can read about "The Enemies" pile of horror-weapons everyday & everywhere. For all those non-political folk out there, wake up, get real - go to & sign what is now becoming the biggest online petition in CyberHistory. Time to stand up & be counted.