Sunday, July 30, 2006

Rice For The Starving Lebanese

Ahh Bless....Dear Ol' Condi (??) is back and (apparently) cooking on the black and white 88's like a seasoned trooper of the Old Sunday School whoopin' 'n' a yellin' The Word of the Lord Almighty himself to a crowd of Big Eaters - yeh, really looks like she's having a great time, really cool, very in the moment. Yes, when in Rome do as the Romans do - fiddle while it burns to the ground. What a way to get an appetite though, and just as The Almighty War Lord in person is knocking on the back door. Seriously though folks (how many times a day do I say that?) what do you think she's playing? Strange they don't mention that - well....why would they? Could be anything from Kletzmer to Gospel to Liberace to Mozart - first viewer to remotely get the right answer wins a week's holiday in Beirut - 2nd prize a lifetime with Condi. And whose idea is this "Condi" stuff? My mind leaps to words like Conditional, Condiment, Condimonium, Condimental, Condinuity, Condiffusing, Condinental, Condiscending, Condisfunctional, Condifferential, Condiforever. And so far nobody's yet tried to answer my previous question about her - what do you call a black redneck? Watching the news earlier - there she was with the Big Wig Zionists all fawning and crawling and posing and smiling for the cameras oh so efficiently, professionally, radiating the kind of positive energy that people expect from such shining beasts of diplomacy by stealth plane. Way out of my league, and possibly one of the most hated women on earth. And who Photo-Shopped her legs? What's going on there? Oh no......not another Michael Jackson scenario. No this is madness - the more I look at this photo, the more I'm convinced it's a fake.
Photo - The Guardian 29/07/06
Update 22/08/06
Go to
to see the lady in question in action.


  1. Pie-man7:20 PM

    video here:

    maybe you can i.d. the tune, i couldn't.
    just some old classical debris.
    music of the oppressors.
    music for mechano-minds.
    meanwhile reason's nightmares rage on.

  2. Hi-spie-man simple/mind/you/two or maybe modal....

    couldn't track the vid - not patient enough - next time try & put the url into your mail in click-on fashion?

    (as if I know how to do it....)

  3. Hey Mr. Dimple MySpan....

    Yes..exactly like this!

    Great vid - thanks for the link - no, don't know the tune(s) I'm, afraid!