Sunday, July 16, 2006

10/66 CrossCountry

The Black Sheep ARE coming back soon to a town somewhere near you even though thinly disguised as deck chair erectors, not an easy one to pull off in such a hostile urban inland atmosphere. We ARE the original Black Sheep - otherwise everyone would know about us.
A black sheep is not accepted, not given any social status other than that of the outcast, so how is it possible for that obnoxious creature to be known to the general public, and even famous in certain circles? A contradiction in terms. There are thousands of Black Sheep websites, from bands to record companies, wool-knitters, pubs, restaurants, breweries, computer games, speech therapists, sheep-shearing equipment suppliers - the list goes on and on. As far as rock bands go, we ARE the originals - we started using the name in 1980, the idea being to start the Black Sheep Liberation Front, fusing into the Black Sheep Liberation Front Music Orkestra - this never happened because we're such a lazy bunch of ex-hippies, so we settled for a trio - the Black Sheep. THE ORIGINAL BLACK SHEEP. With no chance of a website because all those bluffers and blaggers and bloggers got there first!

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