Sunday, July 30, 2006

Rice For The Starving Lebanese

Ahh Bless....Dear Ol' Condi (??) is back and (apparently) cooking on the black and white 88's like a seasoned trooper of the Old Sunday School whoopin' 'n' a yellin' The Word of the Lord Almighty himself to a crowd of Big Eaters - yeh, really looks like she's having a great time, really cool, very in the moment. Yes, when in Rome do as the Romans do - fiddle while it burns to the ground. What a way to get an appetite though, and just as The Almighty War Lord in person is knocking on the back door. Seriously though folks (how many times a day do I say that?) what do you think she's playing? Strange they don't mention that - well....why would they? Could be anything from Kletzmer to Gospel to Liberace to Mozart - first viewer to remotely get the right answer wins a week's holiday in Beirut - 2nd prize a lifetime with Condi. And whose idea is this "Condi" stuff? My mind leaps to words like Conditional, Condiment, Condimonium, Condimental, Condinuity, Condiffusing, Condinental, Condiscending, Condisfunctional, Condifferential, Condiforever. And so far nobody's yet tried to answer my previous question about her - what do you call a black redneck? Watching the news earlier - there she was with the Big Wig Zionists all fawning and crawling and posing and smiling for the cameras oh so efficiently, professionally, radiating the kind of positive energy that people expect from such shining beasts of diplomacy by stealth plane. Way out of my league, and possibly one of the most hated women on earth. And who Photo-Shopped her legs? What's going on there? Oh no......not another Michael Jackson scenario. No this is madness - the more I look at this photo, the more I'm convinced it's a fake.
Photo - The Guardian 29/07/06
Update 22/08/06
Go to
to see the lady in question in action.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Vic, Henry, Deserts, and Resonance FM

For those of you who don't yet know, top British comedian Vic Reeves is a huge Henry Cow fan. In '03 he was on "Desert Island Discs", (for non-Brits, a radio show where celebs choose what trax they would take if they had to spend the rest of their lives on a desert island). Good ol' Vic chose "Nirvana For Mice" from "Leg End", the only old school "extended tenor sax workout" HC ever recorded, and featuring yours truly on tenor - so I was well chuffed as they used to say! As if that wasn't enough, he gave both La Vache and Fred Frith an excellent review in the Sunday Times (October '05). And now in this week's Guardian, a whole article (about time too!) on Resonance FM - extract above.
More in praise of HC.
Thanks to Andy (Faust List) Wilson for checking the links.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

10/66 CrossCountry

The Black Sheep ARE coming back soon to a town somewhere near you even though thinly disguised as deck chair erectors, not an easy one to pull off in such a hostile urban inland atmosphere. We ARE the original Black Sheep - otherwise everyone would know about us.
A black sheep is not accepted, not given any social status other than that of the outcast, so how is it possible for that obnoxious creature to be known to the general public, and even famous in certain circles? A contradiction in terms. There are thousands of Black Sheep websites, from bands to record companies, wool-knitters, pubs, restaurants, breweries, computer games, speech therapists, sheep-shearing equipment suppliers - the list goes on and on. As far as rock bands go, we ARE the originals - we started using the name in 1980, the idea being to start the Black Sheep Liberation Front, fusing into the Black Sheep Liberation Front Music Orkestra - this never happened because we're such a lazy bunch of ex-hippies, so we settled for a trio - the Black Sheep. THE ORIGINAL BLACK SHEEP. With no chance of a website because all those bluffers and blaggers and bloggers got there first!

10/666 Country

So the party continued without them but the image they left behind simply started blending in to the background at an amazingly fast rate, the instrument panels barely registering a whisper while all the onlookers experienced something more related to an obscure H.P. Lovecraft fish fucks femme fatale under Hastings Pier scenario supposedly closed down by the nefarious Crowley Followers Crawley Chapter assuming the guise of deckchair attendants. Feelings ran high as the tide, the backlash waves lashing not just the walls of the citadel but the very heart of the beastly named 10/666 Country while the Council Of The Elders assumed total control of all throwing the democratic rulers book out of the window blown completely away the wind howling like bats on skulls the night taking over voices going unheard in the chaos of stasis and unchange.
Fully aware yet unable to move or react the ghosts hung also batlike upsidedownwards trying to see the world from another point of view in the eye of the storm still blinking under harsh lights of night as early birds washed in the scummy seafroth greenly stinking aftermath of some exotic equally wild out of control all nighter gathered their belongings for a final attempt to escape the clutches of the beach management committee members coincidentally on holiday at the seaside.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Unintentional Errorisms

Sorry to the people who've been leaving comments and not received any feedback (especially DJ Miles - sorry about my impatience etc). Needless to say it's down to me and my blurgin' lack of bloggin' knowhow!
Stoopid! The comments have been lying around dormant in some as yet unexplored bit of my blog - I've been waiting for them to turn up in my mailbox!!
Now found, so you are not forgotten! Sincere apologies!
Also apologies regarding my post from 22/03/06 "Fame @ Last" - of course I'm not the only person on the web who's into Gamelan music - simply that a full stop after an entry on the profile page "interests" renders it totally useless - so put those dictionaries away again and start enjoying the music!

Battle 4 Hastings 2006 - Continued

Oh what the hell - June/July sleepy times down on the South Coast. The Pier in Hastings remains closed - there are so many articles and opinions about it all in our local paper - no point in me chopping, hacking, scanning, uploading etc etc....better things to be doing with my life! So....for all interested parties, go to and get the latest blabla on the whole mess!
Back soon with more real stories from The Deep......

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Battle 4 Hastings 2006

So just as the summer heat finally arrives, and the pebbles are burning the incoming hordes of tourist's feet, catastrophe hits Hastings. The Pier has been closed following safety inspections, which have unearthed some serious infrastructure problems. These photos appeared in last week's (23/06/06) local paper, the "Hastings Observer", and now there's a right old row going on, with accusations of communication breakdowns between the council and the pier owners flying around like seagulls at a hot dog stand.
All of this on top of a whole pile of problems relating to the alleged "regeneration" of Hastings & St. Leonards.
More to follow - it's too hot to stay at home!

PS. Is it just me, or this a bit of a weird face?