Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sixes + Sevens

There's definitely a link between the history of rock/pop music & sixes + sevens.
Rock 'n' Roll hit the streets around 1956/7.
Psychedelia changed everything in 1966/7.
Punk appeared between 1976/7.
The rave scene & the 2nd Summer of Love 1986-7.
BritPop & Battle of the Bands - Oasis v. Blur 1996/7.
The supremacy of the Internet.
MySpace etc could soon be history.
The mind boggles!
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  1. dexter dupont3:40 PM

    not what i would call an epiphany.
    how about drum&bass/jungle, popular use of samplers which had finally become affordable and common.
    or "IDM" which was the formation of a progressive, discursive stream of musical ideas/practices, inspired by techno/rave/hardcore's sensually blasted aesthetics.
    or "trip-hop" not really revolutionary but real anyway.
    oasis vs blur was media manufactured mediocrity.
    brit-pop was spin for neu-labour.
    don't watch that.

  2. briany najar4:11 PM

    further back?
    46-47 must have whipped up a storm in new orleans and all that.
    not that i know for sure, but didn't a lot of jazz musicians get a hold of their horns while serving as soldiers in europe?
    and the 30's?
    hot club de paris?
    really not sure about that though.
    could be fun to see how far back this concept can go.
    ... 1066-67, norman troubadors hit sussex...

  3. hi Dexter...

    I see you're a bit of a numbers freak as well!

    For me, the whole thing about these dates is that they are very closely connected to the zeitgeist/spirit of the moment!

    BritPop and New Labour - Tony Blair inviting a load of coke-fuelled rock stars to Number 10 might have seemed at the time like a good way to get the "youth vote", but the honeymoon was soon over when he realised what a liability these guys really were!

    And in my opinion almost everything is media manufactured these days! The word "underground" has become more & more meaningless, as the corporate mainstream eats up anything and everything of interest the moment it appears, giving it immediate "overground" status and therefore credibility.

    I'm maybe too old school to dig this new drift, but....

    Digitalisation of the world starts with THE MILITARY!
    Without all that research they've done, affordable hardware would never even exist!

    A thought anyway?


  4. hi briany,
    further and even further back!
    46-47 was indeed a good year, but maybe a bit late for New Orleans!
    BE BOP was the buzzword then, although it started a bit earlier -40-42 I guess. but for sure by '46 it was pretty well established as a musical form, although still "underground" in terms of financial success! (nothing much changed there!).
    The late 40's was an important time, especially in the USA - Jack Kerouac's infamous "On The Road" was published around 1949 can you believe! it took until '54-55 for the "beat generation" to catch up on that one...

    more to come?

    cheers for now.

  5. briany...

    forgot - yes indeed a lot of American jazz musicians did get hold of their 1st instruments during the war - and while Glen Miller and Vera Lynn (spelling?) ruled most of the airwaves, the beboppers were the true flag-bearers of the New World DisOrder to come...
    like-wise, many of the british free jazz musicians stirring it up in '66-67 learnt to play during their obligatory "National Service" stint.

  6. briany...

    a zillion excuses!

    i thought your name looked familiar!

    just logged on to homegrownradio - listening to your trax right now - sounds interesting!

    dirty, messy, fuzzed up - yes go for it gal!

  7. not to mention spacey, ambient, and psychedelic!