Friday, June 02, 2006

No links, have radio, can travel

Sorry folks - still having a few problems with sites, links, photos, and my life (front tooth). Luckily there's usually a vague shimmering rainbow hovering restlessly somewhere over my head. This week it's come in the form of an online radio station, or podcastbluespot or whatever it's called.
Go to for the latest Hastings /St. Leonards-On-Sea / Universal Time Zone Under/Over Ground Sounds. All contributions welcome, but not necessarily interesting enough for our slightly off-kilter tastes, so we can't guarantee you'll get any fresh-air-time!
In the meantime, the MCCB site has been down and out for a while now - should be back online within 48 hours.
PS. DJ Miles - you sent me a link but incorrectly, so I have no way of contacting you! If you're still out there give me a shout please.

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