Monday, May 29, 2006


So you'll have noticed an increase in the amount of erotica in my posts. (Update - deleted after some complaints!) No coincidence. Spring seems to have come and gone, and an old man's pre-summer thoughts turn to a younger man's "cor blimey fancy that.....whooaahhh" etc etc. All supposedly very normal and healthy. But still frustrating. And maybe not so good for the ol' ticker. Well I'm hopefully exaggerating on that score - I know of one jazz-man who died of a heart attack while on the job, although no doubt his years of booze and cocaine abuse put him in prime position for an early "death by orgasm" scenario. I can think of much worse ways of leaving the planet, so I suppose blessings in disguise are in order. Still.... many of my now dead jazz heroes are.....well....dead - but I'm still here, and recent health check-ups suggest I'm good for quite a while yet, despite my (secret) age and (former) lifestyle. Take note all you young folk out there - as Bill Hicks said, "not all drugs are good......some are great". I'm certainly not going to argue with that one. But no-one escapes the consequences of their actions - youthfulness walks blindly hand in hand with the idea that immortality is the name of the game. Crap. It's mortality, dear friends. Ultimate DEATH. Sooner or later that old Grim Reaper will be choosing his next batch of candidates for The Big Sleep. A serious post-code-lottery with no winners. Do losers take it all with them?

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