Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Alien Virus

I'm not trying to cash in on all this alien {as in extra terrestials rather than the "illegal aliens" we read about, especially from the good ol' USA} stuff - in my naivety it never occurred to me that there would be so many people out there who actually do believe that not only do aliens exist, but are already here among us, probably in human form. Clever bastards wotwot! (The aliens, that is, not the believers). Aliens only exist in the mind - projections of our own alienation from a society rapidly going down the pan. Read Carl Jung on flying saucers (1958), or Daevid Alien on flying teapots (1968 until forever) for that matter. Oh sweet mystery of life. All this to say that the MCCB Global website has apparently been infected with an alien virus previously unseen or heard of in cyberland. Is this just the beginning? Or the end? Both? Is it all actually true? Another GoogleGag? The experts are on the case as we speak, so my people will be getting back to your people to deliver an explanation of the situation in no uncertain terms. After all, we need the alien vote in order to stay in power. In the meantime - blog off.

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