Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Alien Count

Site Meter figures based on 111 visits since the meter was installed a month ago - estimated 500 visits since 1st January - wouldn't want to alienate anybody by deliberately faking the total. So 611 visits to date seems honest enough, given the fact that I've had just over 800 profile views in the same period of time. So now I can start seriously checking out those pesky alien visitors.


  1. DJ Miles8:26 PM

    urgent..they get 'em young. Search "my alien dinner lady". Its started.

  2. small sister1:01 AM

    you obviously don't take this on alien dinner lady must be looked at if we are to save the wuuurld....

  3. small sister....yes see my mail 10th july - apologies for not being able to find where all these comments were hiding indeed not taken on board, not looked at, but for sure never too late to save the world...

    do you have a big heart to go with your small sisterisms?

    I can't find this dinner lady blog - any tips?

    take care my dear...more tea?