Friday, April 14, 2006

Strange Daze

What a day for a strange daze....1st thing this morning, I thought yes - check out any blogs with connections to Brighton - I lived there for quite a while, and as I'm only 35 miles down the A259 coastal ghost road (as the Hyundai flies), I go there fairly often. So - the very 1st blog that came up was the Daily Photo ( and the photo of the day, (nothing to do with the photo above), posted only the night before, was one of a good friend and fellow mad-sax-man-do, the ubiquitous Gary Cove, busking in the Brighton Pavilion Gardens! would you describe that - coincidence or synchronicity? There were already 4 or 5 comments on the photo, mainly from "international correspondents" of the same organisation. I left a message mentioning that he's having a bit of a hard time of it at the moment, encouraging all passers-by to give generously out of the kindness of their wallets. Gary is yet another of those great musicians destined to never make it into the big time, because that's just the way it goes sometimes (look at me!), but if you're in Brighton, take a stroll into the Gardens - there's a good chance he'll be there, blowing some beautiful soprano saxophone till the cowslips cry...........thanks Gary!
I've been updating some of my earlier posts - check out the Archives from November - more words added to "Shadows" and "The Dance", also marking the introduction of Es-quim-O'Nell into the mix, or at least the blow-up doll remix of her.....steady on now boys, no rush...

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