Friday, April 14, 2006

Full Moon Beach Party

full moon beach nonparty windfeeze factor 23 skidoo lefthand{}sidedown upyours mine to keep 4evakeep the key the qi chi the tie/thai nots and lots for sale today/ze + tomorrow's pART- eez never say diedin the bull gothmagorick trix of the tray-ed/out right sides ball-foot match ~~lucifer fallenhumpty-style down +further down dumptywaste matter inbin{}}{upsurge inn-ta-resting sloganisers back to more shit & the differing levelsss... chicken shit = everyday stuff good morning my dear lovely day more sugar late already miss the train going back early again must rush love you me too. bull shit = when this stuff becomes fixed, ritualised, repetitive, eating away at the underlying reality of the superficiality. elephant shit = the final desperate stages of human life as we know it - the infinite joy and variety of emotional richness that makes up the subtle subnetwork-like beauty of existence has disappeared completely, leaving behind simply a script, a template to be stuck to right up to the very end. full moon out of reach party sunfactor number 9 come in come now come quickly all yesterday's pART--ee>>zz gone home for the weekend a little something for the weekend sir nowwhere does all that come from? full full feeling the hairsc on the back of the neck the nape the fur trying to brake thru the night the howl the chheek + Jowell -=bejewelled stars in yer eyez

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