Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Aliens All @ C Again

It seems my destiny is leading me more and more into yet another deep black hole in this digitally overgrown underground. I've just signed up to the new Hastings Arts Forum (HAF), only to discover (of course - obvious really!) that the hand that might feed me has nevertheless already been bitten by my subversive attitudes to certain aspects of the art world, the whole internet phenomena, and pretty much anything else connected to them both. There I am sticking my neck out, criticising the (local) powers that be, especially this business surrounding non-payment of work done on the newly refurbished De La Warr Pavilion (DLWP), only to find myself potentially profiting from their contributions to the local arts scene. Now I feel like some kind of wannabe, playing both sides of the game, sounding off at the same people who might one day be filling my stomach and paying my rent. It's a dilemma - a blessing and a curse - past experience has taught me you can't have it both ways. If it means once again being banished to the metaphysical desert, I really don't know what to do next. What would you do? But there's absolutely no way I can compromise on these matters, simply because they do matter a hell of a lot. What kind of strategy can I adopt which leaves my conscience clear, while not rocking the boat so much that someone wants to throw me overboard? The walls do need to be shaken, the cages do need rattling, otherwise mass culture (now often disguised as underground culture) just eats up everything in sight, you and me included. It's the death of creativity to shut up and put up, and that is simply not my style. One of the main reasons I decided to call my blog Aliens@C (apart from the fact that I do like to be beside the seaside) is because it illustrates very well the basic limitations of the binary-code computer-speak world - written like it is with no spaces, a computer will always read it as an email address - the bloody machine can not tell the difference between an email address and a website! And of course it's neither! What's in a name? So much for Artificial Intelligence! Too much taken for granted - electricity, running hot water, fish and chips, letters through the door etc etc, let alone cyberland, blue tooth, MySpace (apparently not cool or underground any more, but corporate! Flava of the week hits the netpunters yet again - now it's was yesterday anyway). What a crazy world we're helping to build. And then......CHINA......what do we do about that? Is it ok for mein host Google to be compromising freedom of speech by taking censorship on board in such a crass political manner? Drowning by the sea , not my cup of tea, can't even swim, just let me be.

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