Saturday, February 11, 2006

Techno Prisoners

Oh dear...
Just as I thought I was getting the hang of this Blog stuff, I realise I'm all at sea with the technology.
I happily deleted all my posts I didn't want, but there they all are stranded in some kind of cyberspace prison, apparently impossible to get rid of, there for anyone and everyone to view, (or not?). Some of them in plain old English, others in HTML, others a rough mix down of the two. And I still don't quite understand exactly how to access or edit everything on my Blog - sometimes feels like being in a house with several different front doors -which one should I knock on? The BlogHelp is still mainly mumbo jumbo to me. Still, I'm slowly making progress - improvise and hope for the best. Understand more about my profile, although still a way to go. But I'm still fed up to the back bloody teeth with the endless stream of DodgyBlogs that link to sites advertising "How To Get Sex In Burnley". (Burnley?? I can't wait! Do they have live alien sex online?), not to mention all those poor sad souls who think "Oh great, a Blog! Wow! All mine", then find they can't hack it (no pun intended) and end up leaving this microscopic byte of their miserable earthly life with one post, no photo, half a profile, nothing to shout about except a projected blank space of their own creation.
So here I am with a fellow time traveller desperately trying to hotwire this earthbound technology so we can communicate with the mothership before our time here runs out.


You have nothing to lose but your wireless virus.

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