Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Sacred Mushroom

too easy....
I was just reading
about how some
Bloggers use
posting strategies
based on shock value
and/or controversial material to enhance their chances of getting more hits, comments, links, etc, even at the risk of being banished from this wonderful cyberland where freedom of expression, joy, and happiness sit comfortably side by side with dark forces of decadence, destruction, and ultimately Satanism. With a lot of sex as well of course, but then where would we be without that? Dead in the water my old sunshine. Oh yes. Dead ducks. Living in Burnley or somewhere. So anyway... to cut a long story short, it's St Valentine's Day, and I thought yes, why not give all the boys and girls out there a nice picture of my digitally enhanced organic homegrown Sacred Mushroom?
Not to be actually eaten, you understand - it's image must remain for ever frozen ice-like on these virtual pages, a symbol of the mushroom's potency, a metaphor for it's strength and power in the inner/outer worlds of illusion, visions, dream states, and hallucinations.
And so on and so on.
Spot the click - click the spot ---->>>above or below ----^^^^ 80/20 chance of winning...

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