Monday, February 20, 2006

L€TTeRs + NumBEr$

almost 2.45am - or a bit later - 2-2-3? - just been downflooding a free uniquely personalised legally tagged anti-viral mP3 - cut myself shaving yesterday - new giLLetTe m3P not all it's cracked up to be - movie on Ztv 2 at 3pm, sponsored by moTo rAZa v3X - must be a good one then - they always are - have to admit it was more me than the razor - and just on the edge of my left upper lip now covered with the compulsory small bit of almost dry blood spotted loo-paper - worst scenario - when you take the paper off, the cut opens again - gig tonight -I'll be really fucked for playing sax if that happens - luckily got a free-handy-pack-pocket-size capsule of X-streAM cONtrol VO5 Hair gel - at least that should take the attention away from my lip - oh shit - misread the tv paper - 3pm 2day? thought it was 2morrow - distracted by the pAGE3 Gurrly G-Thing advertising pantEN V-10 ultramoisturising shamPOO - wooah - and who came up with the great idea to call a mobile phone a RAza? Talk about rubbing salt in the wound - now I'm like free to cut my left cheek as well while I'm checKING out the sPEAKing clock - it is now 3pm - precisely - time to start thinking about the gig - shit - forgot to call my eX-wife yesterday - just got this AMaZing new Dead RINGer v-AMp (v.3) - really wicked man - like a V-irtual guitar AMp so it gets like out of control sometimes like negative feedback noisenik stuff man - mAkes my horn sound like some ZedZen-HEADgrOOve nu-jaZZ from heLL Klub 666 stYle - like Tibet man you know? - bardo states - yo man I hear U - can't wait to check it all out on this latest Version of Q-bAsE VsT/32 5.1 R1 sekwencing soft WARe packAGE - so cool man - midi-D up with my old kORg X-3 - sounds wicked - and that new otTO lINK 5** soprano mouthpiece is the reel biz you know - yeh i no man i no 2 - shooting cRAP killing time B4 the gig - 1st throw 7 or 11 wins, 2, 3, or 12 loses, but you can keep the dice or pass them on - any other number's your point - throw that one again you win, unless you throw a 7 1st, then you lose and pass on the dice - hence the 7/11 conspiracy - it's a quarter 2 3 - C U L8R.
Update 14/08/06 - new XYZ's CD out 09/09/06?

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