Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Live Update

Private House Party - Saturday 18th February - Hastings area.
By invitation only. Email for details.
HomeGrown dishing the dirt with live musicians, realtime processing,
vocals, beats, loops, scratch, tunes, extreme free electronics, and visuals.
Mental Zirkus @ Supamolly Club, Berlin, Germany.
Friday 3rd & Saturday 4th March.
Mini-mixed-media-festival with many artists from Berlin & Rotterdam.
Music, performance, words, visuals, installations etc.
Ghetto Raga / Echodrive are
Tom Zunk (waterphone, percussion, devices)
Gunter Schickert (guitar, trumpet, electronics)
Geoff Leigh (soprano sax, flutes, voice, bits & bobs, electronics)
Elke Postler (dance, performance, slides, video)
and will be playing on Friday.
Special Guest Jean-Herve Peron (Faust).
On Saturday I'll be performing "Art Is Not A Mirror",
an audio-visual-x-traver-gender incorporating
music, lights, a mirror, & a well-known tool.
Full details to be announced on the day.
Why give away the whole story in advance?
Always expect the unexpected.

How many anagrams can you make from "Ghetto Raga"?

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