Thursday, February 09, 2006

George Bush - Golf in the Gulf

Well I guess finally I have to get into some real realtime politics here after all this arty stuff, which can become completely divorced from the real-world, leading to head-up-arse-syndrome, rendering us all couch-mash-potato-like, stranded in the semi-unconscious fascist right-hemi-segment of our incredibly intolerant minds and brains........unlike George Bush of course.

Have you ever watched him play golf?
He has a curious style, although I've heard from other golfers (I need to say right now that I've never played the game and intend to keep it that way) that it isn't unique, although I don't find that
particularly reassuring.

You know what these golf people do......look at the target, checking out the distance to the hole, even though they know it anyway, choose the appropriate club, make sure the ball is sitting really comfortably on the tee, fiddle about with their shades or whatever, get their balance and stance sorted out, generally with much shuffling of the feet, do a few dummy runs without actually touching the ball,

George? No messing with all that wishy-washy liberal a real hero he strolls casually up to the tee, stands somewhere in the general area of the ball, looks around to make sure everybody is watching, then swings his club just once, hitting the ball. Quite amazing. I can't say whether this approach actually works as well as the more conventional ones. Maybe any golf bloggers (blog golfers?) out there could shed more light on this? But I get a strange feeling that this is the way he approaches everything, and that really does make me nervous.

Having old-wave evangelical post-Alpha nutter Billy Graham as his "personal spiritual adviser" is bad enough, but at the end of the "war" and the beginning of the"liberation" of Iraq, our George wanted to send Billy's son (can't remember his name) over there to spread the word of the Lord to the this what they call "intelligent design"?

Maybe the Yanks should change the name of their fave missiles from "Cruise" to "Crusader", although Tom-you-know-who might get pissed off, and then we'd have to start worrying about Scientologists as well as Fundamentalist Christians.

At the end of the 1st Gulf War, several Americans went over there just to make sure the oil was in the right hands (no mixed metaphor intended), including pre-Bush government topdogs Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, both representing consortiums of major American oil companies.
And they say the war (sorry, occupation) has nothing to do with oil.
American companies based in Iraq who lost money the 1st time round are actually still being paid compensation by the Iraqis! Economic madness.....

One of the most positive signs in the buildup to Golf War 3 was the way the American government handled themselves in the media, especially on TV of course. Time after time we heard top military brass and leading politicians say "I can't really comment on that, given the sensitive nature of the security risks involved etcetcetc". Fair enough. But then even after seeing various ex-military/political experts telling us "This war will make Vietnam look like a picnic etcetc", strategic plans were suddenly being revealed and even discussed quite openly. The most classic example was the continual insistence on the importance of winning the war quickly, with as little danger to the troops as possible, by first using massive air-strikes to "soften up" the Iraqis, so the ground troops would be able to move in with as little resistance as possible. "THE LAST THING WE WANT IS A GROUND WAR" they all said......on TV.....again and again.....Mmmm.....very cunning.......sounds like an intelligent design strategy to me comrades. I mean imagine all those anti-USA Iraqis sitting around watching TV and thinking " ground how the hell can we build a counter-strategy for this plan.....phrr.....ah...yes!...BRILLIANT IDEA! We have nowhere near enough military resources to resist a total invasion, so we put on a brave face, make the best effort we can to fight back without losing too much pride and honour, wait a bit, and then...... mmm.....yes..... GIVE THEM A GOOD BLOODY GROUND WAR!" (OK I'm taking liberties with the truth here - this is just an imaginary situation, and it isn't my intention to offend anyone, unless they happen to be BushBaby supporters).

So I say "positive sign" because it's now clear that the majority of Americans seem to be following George's example, and are apparently mindlessly golfing their way into oblivion under a growing mountain of governmental and corporate corruption, lies, acts of violence against anyone and everyone in America or anywhere else who won't toe the crooked line of the creator gone crazy.
Up against the wall mothers.....

To be continued. By others.

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