Saturday, December 10, 2005


Left > Right : Lucianne Lassalle (voice), Geoff Leigh (piccolo),
Tom Zunk (waterphone), live at Avant Garde Fiestaval
17/09/2005 near Hamburg.
A really great mini-festival out in the styx - 2 days of avant-rock and more, including performances by Faust, Charles Hayward, Chris Cutler, Uli Trepte, Ectogram, Stella Maris Drone Orchestra, etc.
Catalysed by original Faust multi-instru-mentalist Jean-Herve Peron, this was an object lesson in "how to organise a festival"! A similar event is planned for autumn 2006, and promises to be even more eclectic than ever.


  1. Anonymous11:34 AM

    what on earth is a waterphone?
    obviously "sea-related"?

    what a great line-up!

  2. Henrico Reed11:51 AM

    check it out on-line - too complicated to explain here!

    great line-up indeed!