Thursday, November 24, 2005


shadows in the daylight.....
which direction is the light coming from?
is there a hidden window or just a wall?
illusions of another world seeping through the cracks
in the stonework, cast by couch-potato flickering screens.
watching low res...if it's not on TV it's nowhere
Phoebus, Apollo, Helios - invoking the names
breathing choking flames
Ra, Hyperion, give me your warm embrace
deal me an ace
the sheet/fork/cutting lightning flashes flickers
again falters foot stepping sideways - St Elmo's Fire
via atomsplit to
The Big Heater
as Lord Buckley would say (and he did) -->>
galaxies on fire
aurora borealis
mock suns
zodiacal light
heat my blood to boiling
fill me to the top of my skull
glow-worms fire-flies
will o' the wisp the DogStar
take it..
Selena take me
as well take 5,
your time is almost up
number 7 rainbow colours
Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain
non aligned in human framework - leave it to to the
text-perts they always know best no better no good
investments glimmer diffraction cloudless
embellishments spamming my
crepuscular muddy lurid shades
of evening nok nokia who's there?
nocturnal radio emissions
from the Dog Star Serious you idiot - what's that
fucking eskimo-nell-doll blown up to now?

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